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May Is Bike Month

final bike month poster

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A series of presentations about climate change of the science of climate change and local economic resilience

each presentation contains core information.

no need to attend all 4

 Thursday February 2th, 7PM, Reed Memorial Library, Ravenna

Saturday February 4th, 9AM, Reed Memorial Library, Ravenna

Tuesday, February 7th, 7 PM, Kent Free Library

Saturday, February 11th, 1PM, Kent Free Library

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Cities Eat Carbon

The Daily Good shared this post today.

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Portage Slant

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TransPORTAGE is actively encouraging people to participate in two events that connect with
the TransPORTAGE vision. has information on the Vegan Iron Chef, which begins at the Student Center at Noon.
While a Vegan Diet may not be for everyone, as we shift to a more local food orientation, appreciating how we can
reduce our carbon footprint by living lower on the food chain is an important first step. has information about a Precious Water Workshops where you can learn about
ways to conserve and appreciate our water and help on a water project in another part of the world. Water comes to us at a great environmental cost….
We will hold a bike rally/teach in on 9/9/11 (and perhaps 9/10/11 as well)  in connection with a
new initiative  called GO TAKE A WALK, which will encourage people to walk between KSU and downtown.
This will occur during the lunch hour and there will be opportunity for brief presentations at either the KENT STAGE or KIVA depending upon which direction the walk takes.
Please encourage your friends to participate this Sunday.


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People, Poultry and Prosperity

A Discussion of the Proposed

Kent Urban Chicken Ordinance

& Information about Hen-Keeping

Saturday March 26th, 2011

Lucky Penny Creamery

Temple Avenue, Kent

2-3:30 PM


Panelists Include:


Laurie M. Wagner, PhD., CHES is an Assistant Professor of Health Education & Promotion in the School of Health Sciences at Kent State University. Dr. Wagner has worked as a community and university level health educator for over fourteen years.


John Gwinn. PhD, is an Emeritus professor of biology from the University of Akron.  He is a member of the Kent Board of Health and active in the Kent Garden Club.

Bethany Snyder,  is an insurance agent and one of the organizers of Cluckent.



Schedule permitting, Chef Michael Fiala will be demonstrating the differences between factory farm eggs and humanely raised hen eggs.


Weather permitting there will be demonstrations of chicken tractors (movable hen houses), hen raising equipment and hens.


For additional information, contact Bethany Snyder at



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10-10-10 Carbon Car-BAN – this Sunday!

This Sunday, October 10th, 2010, TransPortage is sponsoring the 10-10-10 Carbon Car-BAN, a 1000-bike “rally & ride” starting in downtown Kent’s Home Savings Plaza at 1pm.  We’ll start riding at around 1:30pm using the following proposed route:

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Rick Hawksley ( or Chris Carman ( See you at the ride!

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Local Citizens Join International Rally to Halt Climate Change on 10/10/10

TransPortage, a group of Portage County residents working to build a region that is resilient to the
challenges of peak oil and climate change, is organizing a day of earth-friendly transportation on
October 10th, 2010. This “CarBan” (carbon reduction) event aims to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by
encouraging local residents to use natural/climate-conscious modes of transportation such as walking,
biking, or ride-shares. This symbolic action will unite local residents with thousands of people across the
country and from over 135 (and growing) countries around the globe who will be participating in similar
actions on 10/10/10 to rally for a halt to global climate change.

The international event is called the Global Work Party and is headed up by and
The 1010global campaign aims to cut CO2 emissions by 10% per year. For this event 1010global
is teaming up with, an environmental campaign founded by author and environmentalist
Bill McKibben, dedicated to finding solutions to the climate crisis. The name comes from
a target concentration of 350 ppm (parts per million) of CO2 in the atmosphere to prevent global
warming from causing dangerous levels of warming and long-term damage. In comparison, the
present CO2 concentration is 392 ppm and the preindustrial CO2 concentration was 280 ppm.

Across the planet local groups will be installing solar panels, holding bike-repair workshops, insulating
houses, planting trees, and painting their rooftops white. Last October, organized an
international day of demonstrations focused on climate change that CNN hailed as “the most
widespread day of political action in the planet’s history.” The demonstrations were focused on creating
displays of vivid and emotive impact. For example, a group of people in Sydney, Australia arranged
themselves to form a giant “350” on the steps of the opera house. Another group posed on a swath of
logged forest and made a sign stating “this does not equal 350.”

This year, the campaign’s emphasis is on performing actions that force people to get their hands
dirty and address climate change on a practical as well as symbolic level. That’s why members
of TransPortage are putting their hands to the handlebars and their feet to the pavement to
demonstrate the impact and the potential that reducing carbon emissions for just one day can have.

TransPortage hopes to institute an alternative transportation day more regularly, perhaps once a
month. Refraining from using just one gallon of gasoline keeps 19 pounds of CO2 from entering the
earth’s atmosphere. Thousands of pounds less carbon dioxide will be emitted if local Kent and Ravenna
residents choose not to drive for just one day.

The group, taking advantage of the fact that 10/10 is a Sunday, is asking local churches to encourage
their congregations to find alternative transportation to Sunday services. The day will also include a
group of cyclists taking to the streets of Kent. In order to make a strong visual impact, TransPortage
is having participating riders meet at the Home Savings Plaza in downtown Kent at 1pm for a group
photo. From there they will embark on a group ride which will include a child-friendly route and
a longer route for enthusiastic riders. TransPortage is also enlisting the help of local members of
the national group Critical Mass, an organization of cyclists who periodically gather for bike rides
through the streets in order to raise awareness about biker safety and culture. Also in the works is
a friendly competition between Kent and Ravenna to see which municipality can bring out the most
cyclists that day. TransPortage has set a goal of bringing out 1,000 (10 x 10 x 10) cyclists on 10/10/10.

Besides being a date that only comes around once in a hundred years, 10/10 happens to fall on the day
after United Nations climate talks in China and three weeks before US mid-term elections. Organizers
at are hoping that the special symmetry of 10/10/10 and the political timing of the Global Work
Party create a sense of urgency around the climate crisis.

For their part, members of TransPortage are urging the local community to get to work on reducing
their carbon footprints this Oct. 10th by ditching their cars and pulling out the bikes. “After all,” say
members of the group, “if we humans want to enjoy our present quality of life for the next 10/10/10 a
hundred years from now, we had better start getting to work this year to bring global climate change to
a halt.”

If you are interested in participating in the group bike ride on Oct. 10th and have questions, or are
interested in joining/volunteering with TransPortage, please call 330-677-4129 or contact Chris Carman

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